Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lamp lift

My favorite thrift store came through for me again.

I didn't notice it until my son's girlfriend asked me about painting another lamp that
she was thinking of buying to take back to college.
This one towered over the other lamps and was fairly grimy & messed up but I liked the shape.

It was fun to find the old newspaper stuffed in the base.

Check it out, I bought this lamp August 3rd and the dates on the paper
are from August 1956 ... *gasp* was this lamp meant to come home with me, and is
it truly 57 years old?!
Hmmm ... I choose Yes as an answer for both of those questions ;)

I read through some of the paper and was amused at how things have changed.
The 'personal' column listed the names and addresses of people who
were on vacation, where they were going and the dates they would be gone!

After taking it apart and getting all of the flaking paint off of the inside
I put some citristrip on a couple of stubborn sections and that did the trick. 
By the way I could see at the very tippy top of the neck of the glass
where no light ever shone on it, the paint was originally gold!

I bought a 50 yard roll of 2" wide satin ribbon and used most of it to
wind around the shade frame.
The original shade had pipe cleaners wrapped around the ribbons to
make the pleats but I wasn't a big fan of that so I cut strips of
trim and hot glued them into loops.  

It was then topped off with a strip of 3/4" wide satin ribbon and some
chenille-like-spiral-looping trim on the top and bottom to hide the ribbon edges
and give it a finished look.

The base, shade frame and harp were spray painted a silver
metallic ... because that was what I had on hand.
I wasn't about to go out and buy another can of spray paint just to use
a fraction of it and then have the can sit around on our
basement shelves for years to come.  Oh no not this girl ... I need that
shelf room for quarts of paint instead, that will sit around for years!

Wired it with a new 3 way socket and now ta-daa ...

shiny and new again.
Is this a lamp version of a face lift?
Did I just perform a lamp lift?

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  1. What an AMAZING job you did on this - and I just loved seeing a newspaper that's older than me LOL

  2. You did a really great job! I love the update you gave it!

  3. You did a really great job! I love the update you gave it!

  4. Goodness! That's Lovely!! You have such a good eye for things that can become so much more with a little extra love!! I Never would have given that lamp a second glance at a thrift store! But with all the old paint cleaned off, that is one beautiful lamp! I just love seeing projects like this! Very motivating to look a little closer at things (or just look at them a different way perhaps) and really look for all the possibilities a number of different items have hidden beneath them! Thx so much for the post! =)