Saturday, September 29, 2012

Martha! Martha! Martha!

I'm loving this new craft project
from Martha!

I didn't have enough cheesecloth to finish the third ghost properly
but I hung it up anyway... no sense in keeping it in the basement
in the meantime.

They move nicely in the breeze ... the fabric blowing and the
heads turning back and forth on the fishing line.

I really liked making them and don't
think 3 will be enough ...
time to get more supplies.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Progress #6

For the past couple of weeks the majority of my projects have been
recovering pieces for clients ... which is great but that leaves the
homefront projects hanging.

Client swivel rockers
I haven't done any blog posts because I haven't felt very creative or done anything unique
so meh, no posts ... but it's time to get out of the funk.

Client channel back
I did manage to get a pair of chairs done for the warehouse sale.  
Before shot ... my first craigslist purchase

Of course I forgot to get an After photo of the pair, as usual I 
was busting at the last minute to get them delivered.
But Bobbi was nice enough to take a picture on her phone of one for me ... so just 
pretend that you are seeing double in the photo below:

- I tightened the frame and springs 
-  painted the frame 3 different times because I
couldn't decide what color to make it.
- Added new padding
- Sterilized the original stuffing and added new
- Added new polyester wrap
- Covered it with the blue denim swirl fabric