Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Progress #5

This past week has been a bit of a bust for me 
as far as projects go.
I used the first 2 days after the warehouse sale to take a 
breather, and then the rest of the time has been spent
getting the workroom & basement back in order
and taking 3 college tours.
The last one was Rutgers up in New Jersey ... 
that place is huge!

We are taking another tour this coming week but in
the meantime I am going to start working on one of the following:

Craigslist cabriole twins

Craigslist nouveau twins:

Auction side chair: 

Yard sale boudoir.  The fun thing about this chair is that it still had the original
cover and tags on it.  Manufactured in 1945 with a filling of moss & cotton!
I'm not a huge fan of boudoir chairs because they
sit so low to the ground and I have long legs but I just may have to keep this
one.  It's 67 years old and I'm the only other person to work
on it's innards since it was first made!

Auction American empire style sofa:

 Thrift store twins...
my first big fail!

They have been recovered a couple of times
resulting in a ripped up, disintegrating frame.
The chairs had a solid enough feel to them but I guess that was because the last 
time they were worked on the
fabric was just added over top of the existing material.

Stripping these was pretty easy because the tacks basically
fell out of the wood ... the edges are disintegrating.
The rotted frame gave way with only a little pressure:

Now I need to either rebuild the entire frame (probably not going to happen)
or salvage what I can and repurpose the legs & decorative
elements into a new project.  
Perhaps a couple of foot stools or even a pair of very fancy dog beds?!