Friday, November 9, 2012

Evil Bobbin

So this is what my bobbin does when it decides to act up ... I can't figure out why it happens ... anyone have this happen to them?

Juki LU-563 ... I oil it every time I use it; keep the tension even on both threads; and I've checked the timing, it's fine.


  1. That is frustrating. I would bring it in for a professional going over and maintanance to see what's going on...

  2. It's the tension....Mine does this too from time to time and most times it is just a minor tweaking of the tension fixes the problem. If that doesn't fix it, I take it for a tune up but the tweaking usually does the trick...


  3. I've said some interesting things to my sewing machine over the years. Won't repeat them here :)

    I usually clean out my machine under the bobbin (there is often gunk under there), then check to be sure my bobbin is in the right way, and that the bobbin is the one that belongs with the machine. Finally, I either hang on to the top and bottom threads with my left hand as I begin to sew the first few stitches, or place a stick-on velcro circle (the grabby side) behind the footplate of my machine and stick the top and bottom threads to that so that they can't get pulled up into my first few stitches.

    I've also been known to apologize to my machine when I figure out what I did wrong :(

  4. Clean the machine. Change the needle. Re-thread it entirely.

  5. Hi! I would love to get your e-mail... I was referred to you by Miss Mustard Seed and I have a chair I would love to have redone! My email is Thanks!

  6. When this happens to me, I completely unthread the machine and start all over. Same with the bobbin. Usually mine is the thread has missed a loop somewhere.

    Good luck,


  7. I find that the fabric can sometimes cause this too. Sunbrella is a bear to work with (awning weight) and some heavy canvas. I change the needle and make sure to hold the threads when beginning to sew.