Tuesday, November 6, 2012

71 Years Old And Counting

Want to see my most favoritest chair?

Nice 9-pack abs you got there!
It is so well built.

 Each piece of the frame is made to fit it's partner ...

... working together to create one smooth form.
Look at how the the glued piece feathers in for support and form.
All of the joints & seams are still tight, not a squeak
or separation to be found.

And this is the very best part of all:
" Uph by Frank Talarico Jr 1941" written on one of the
arm stretchers and inside the seat.

With a sample of the fabric that he used!  
The chair had been recovered at least 
twice since then so being able to see a sample of one 
of the original fabrics is exciting.

I'm slightly ashamed of the reason why I 
got the chair in the first place.
Pappy and I were at an auction and no one was bidding on it.  
I knew from glancing at it earlier that it had coil springs and I liked the front legs
so I figured why not get it for parts? 
I bid $2 and no one countered so this beautiful
piece of work came home with me ... with plans to strip it for parts.

After I got a good look at it though I began to wonder if
maybe it was worth keeping.
Once my father-in-law started to dismantle it we
could see just how well it was built.
Seeing the signature sealed the deal for me ... it stays with us.

So my plan is to upholster the inside of the chair
but to leave the outside open.
I like looking at the way it is constructed and how you can see all of 
the thought and workmanship
that went into it.

I'm looking forward to sitting here with a book and keeping my toes warm.
It's already sitting in it's spot ... in front of the pellet stove where 
it can be viewed from all sides.

In honor of Frank Talarico Jr. I think I'll cover it in a cream colored
velvet to match the original.

71 years old and starting a new chapter in it's life.

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  1. Lovely. I can't wait to see this when it is finished! Love your idea of leaving the back open. I have a chair I'm working on that I want to try that. I like seeing how it is constructed too - some of the things used to construct the insides are as beautiful as the upholstery fabric!

  2. I can't wait to see this chair done :)

  3. thank you looking at your work...I know it will be gorgemegus...pretty

  4. I am so glad you are keeping it together....It will look wonderful!

  5. It is a great looking chair. It will be beautiful once it is finished.

  6. this makes me smile! I am such a sentimental sap. I love pieces with history.
    2 bucks! what a steal!

    have fun,

  7. I can't wait to see it finished. I love the plan to leave some of that amazing craftsmanship exposed. I was thinking as I read your post "what a beautiful chair, such a shame to cover up that woodwork!".

  8. I just stripped an old chair down and am starting to prep the wood for reupholstery. It's my first project, so I'd love to see yours as you go. Can you post pictures as you rebuild it?