Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Keeper

It's times like this when I wish I could whistle
because I would SO be belting out a cat call at this handsome dresser.

I won this piece at an estate auction earlier this summer.
It was one of the last items auctioned and I bid against only one other guy ... 
I won it at $13!  
Afterwards he and I chatted and it turns out he wanted only the wire 
that was inside the drawers.  
I told him that I would give him the wire for free if he would help
me carry the dresser to my truck (90+ degree temps & high humidity)
... that worked out well for both of us.
Here's the rundown of what work I did:
- re-glued the veneer on the sides
- reset a side panel that popped out of the dado slots in the frame
- beefed up frame support of the bottom drawer
- glued the split wood from the hinge screws in the cubby door 
- tightened & re-glued the dovetail joints on all of the drawers
- replaced the bottom of the lowest drawer
- beefed up the drawer guides
- sanded the entire piece, inside and out
- painted it with Old Fashioned Milk Paint Pitch Black
- waxed it with clear and tinted wax
- scrubbed the nasty nasty grime off of the hardware

I put a clear wax on everything but wanted the details to stand out more
 so I then applied tinted wax to help 'frame' it.

Of course I wanted to keep it for myself ( I'm a bit of a cubby/drawer/storage freak)
and my daughter wanted it as well
but it went to my fabulous husband ... who has silently suffered through
a tiny beat up dresser and very little storage for years.

Ok, so the pull is a little askew ... I was excited and took the pic before I tightened the hardware down.
While setting this piece up in the bedroom last night I
realized that I would rather furnish my entire house with vintage/antique
pieces of furniture from auctions & yard sales
than go out and buy brand new pieces (with the exception of
Restoration Hardware's Churchill Collection).
I love the excitement of the hunt, the thrill of getting a bargain and the
complete satisfaction of being able to transform it however I want!

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