Thursday, May 10, 2012

the sofa design

Deciding what fabric to use on a piece of
furniture is my biggest hurdle.

I've already decided and changed my mind twice now as
far as fabric goes for this piece.

Now I'm pretty convinced that I Will use the antique european grain
sacks that just arrived from Austria.

But do I use them solo?

Or do I go with a contrast sort of thing... 

the utilitarian grain sack mixed with the king of fabrics velvet?

Once I get past that decision, then do I leave it deconstructed like the popular
RHardware style ... which might work well with such an old sofa
or do I just cover the sides and back in burlap?

I know what I would like but I'm not keeping this,
 it's going to this month's
tag sale at Repurposed & Refined.

That is ... as long as I stop goofing off on the puter and
get myself back to work!

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