Saturday, February 25, 2012

B'faye ... before and after

A new name to go with a new face ... say hello to B'faye:

I first came across B'faye at my favorite thrift shop.
She and I hit it off and $15 later we were heading back to my house.

Before shot.  I removed the veneer on the drawers and
glued down the rest.

The transformation was completely inspired by a dresser done by the talented Junk Drawer Diva Kathy Ayers.
You can check out the dresser here at her Etsy store.

Due to an unfortunate hinge-cident, I have some tweaking
to do now to cover up the original hinge scars:
Hinge holes left in the door from the original hardware that I couldn't reattach.  Stripped brass screws are my bane.
I had to add the piece of wood to help support the new inset hinges.
 Other than the hinge touch up, she's pretty much done.

Our original plan was to give B'faye a home in the dining room but
I'm not sure if that's a good fit. 
Large and in charge, B'faye is the same size as the table
 Unfortunately both pieces of furniture end up 
overshadowing each other.
The goal was to have a piece of furniture there that pops
when you walk into the room,
but because of her color combo B'faye sort of melts into the background.
I think she deserves a spot where she can take center stage.

Time to bring the hutch back upstairs
and see if it will set up well
in that spot.

Update 3/14:  We decided to put the
weathervane hutch in the dining room instead
so that meant B'faye was free to go out on the
back deck and I think she fits there better.

The roll of Vanna tonight will be played by Rex the skeleton.

I'd like to thank Rex for so graciously agreeing to give up his corner to B'faye and for helping to welcome her to the back deck.

There is nothing in front of her blocking the
view and her lovely colors really pop against the grey siding.

What do you think? Please feel free to 
chime in and give me your input.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In Progress 2: Crackle Batten

I like how the batten turned out.
I wanted it to stand out a little against the freshly painted walls, so it was
given a weathered crackle treatment.

It doesn't jump at you as soon as you walk into the room, but it adds
a comfortable worn look.

It's the little things that gives a room it's personality right?

The outlets and switches all still need to be changed out for white and I need
to figure out what to do with the ever-so-ugly vents
... but I'm liking the progress.