Friday, November 9, 2012

Evil Bobbin

So this is what my bobbin does when it decides to act up ... I can't figure out why it happens ... anyone have this happen to them?

Juki LU-563 ... I oil it every time I use it; keep the tension even on both threads; and I've checked the timing, it's fine.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

71 Years Old And Counting

Want to see my most favoritest chair?

Nice 9-pack abs you got there!
It is so well built.

 Each piece of the frame is made to fit it's partner ...

... working together to create one smooth form.
Look at how the the glued piece feathers in for support and form.
All of the joints & seams are still tight, not a squeak
or separation to be found.

And this is the very best part of all:
" Uph by Frank Talarico Jr 1941" written on one of the
arm stretchers and inside the seat.

With a sample of the fabric that he used!  
The chair had been recovered at least 
twice since then so being able to see a sample of one 
of the original fabrics is exciting.

I'm slightly ashamed of the reason why I 
got the chair in the first place.
Pappy and I were at an auction and no one was bidding on it.  
I knew from glancing at it earlier that it had coil springs and I liked the front legs
so I figured why not get it for parts? 
I bid $2 and no one countered so this beautiful
piece of work came home with me ... with plans to strip it for parts.

After I got a good look at it though I began to wonder if
maybe it was worth keeping.
Once my father-in-law started to dismantle it we
could see just how well it was built.
Seeing the signature sealed the deal for me ... it stays with us.

So my plan is to upholster the inside of the chair
but to leave the outside open.
I like looking at the way it is constructed and how you can see all of 
the thought and workmanship
that went into it.

I'm looking forward to sitting here with a book and keeping my toes warm.
It's already sitting in it's spot ... in front of the pellet stove where 
it can be viewed from all sides.

In honor of Frank Talarico Jr. I think I'll cover it in a cream colored
velvet to match the original.

71 years old and starting a new chapter in it's life.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Keeper

It's times like this when I wish I could whistle
because I would SO be belting out a cat call at this handsome dresser.

I won this piece at an estate auction earlier this summer.
It was one of the last items auctioned and I bid against only one other guy ... 
I won it at $13!  
Afterwards he and I chatted and it turns out he wanted only the wire 
that was inside the drawers.  
I told him that I would give him the wire for free if he would help
me carry the dresser to my truck (90+ degree temps & high humidity)
... that worked out well for both of us.
Here's the rundown of what work I did:
- re-glued the veneer on the sides
- reset a side panel that popped out of the dado slots in the frame
- beefed up frame support of the bottom drawer
- glued the split wood from the hinge screws in the cubby door 
- tightened & re-glued the dovetail joints on all of the drawers
- replaced the bottom of the lowest drawer
- beefed up the drawer guides
- sanded the entire piece, inside and out
- painted it with Old Fashioned Milk Paint Pitch Black
- waxed it with clear and tinted wax
- scrubbed the nasty nasty grime off of the hardware

I put a clear wax on everything but wanted the details to stand out more
 so I then applied tinted wax to help 'frame' it.

Of course I wanted to keep it for myself ( I'm a bit of a cubby/drawer/storage freak)
and my daughter wanted it as well
but it went to my fabulous husband ... who has silently suffered through
a tiny beat up dresser and very little storage for years.

Ok, so the pull is a little askew ... I was excited and took the pic before I tightened the hardware down.
While setting this piece up in the bedroom last night I
realized that I would rather furnish my entire house with vintage/antique
pieces of furniture from auctions & yard sales
than go out and buy brand new pieces (with the exception of
Restoration Hardware's Churchill Collection).
I love the excitement of the hunt, the thrill of getting a bargain and the
complete satisfaction of being able to transform it however I want!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Martha! Martha! Martha!

I'm loving this new craft project
from Martha!

I didn't have enough cheesecloth to finish the third ghost properly
but I hung it up anyway... no sense in keeping it in the basement
in the meantime.

They move nicely in the breeze ... the fabric blowing and the
heads turning back and forth on the fishing line.

I really liked making them and don't
think 3 will be enough ...
time to get more supplies.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Progress #6

For the past couple of weeks the majority of my projects have been
recovering pieces for clients ... which is great but that leaves the
homefront projects hanging.

Client swivel rockers
I haven't done any blog posts because I haven't felt very creative or done anything unique
so meh, no posts ... but it's time to get out of the funk.

Client channel back
I did manage to get a pair of chairs done for the warehouse sale.  
Before shot ... my first craigslist purchase

Of course I forgot to get an After photo of the pair, as usual I 
was busting at the last minute to get them delivered.
But Bobbi was nice enough to take a picture on her phone of one for me ... so just 
pretend that you are seeing double in the photo below:

- I tightened the frame and springs 
-  painted the frame 3 different times because I
couldn't decide what color to make it.
- Added new padding
- Sterilized the original stuffing and added new
- Added new polyester wrap
- Covered it with the blue denim swirl fabric

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pub Table

I finished the pub table and brought it upstairs for use.

This is what it looked like when I brought it home from the auction:
The Before photo
Grimy feet but I love the shape
I had to take a photo of the difference .... dirty to clean
It was originally average table height but I liked 
the idea of it being pub height 
so I built new taller pedestals for it.

I just love those feet! 

The feet on the base of the table match the feet
on the tiger oak buffet ... bunus!
That wasn't planned but it worked out perfectly

I was really drawn to the original finish
but it was flaking off so easily I worried that we were going to lose it all.
Luckily though my favorite part of the
table stayed put
 ... the orange-peel finish.

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Monday, July 9, 2012

And they called it Poppy Love

I originally had this poppy fabric paired with a giraffe print
and planned for another set of chairs.

  About the same time that I was sorting out what fabrics 
to put onto what chair frames 

a client happened to be looking for a pair of chairs to go in her new office. 


Great timing and a lovely result!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beauty in the Beast - Finished

I'll just let the photos say everything:


I know Right!?

You can see a few more before photos in the first

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