Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Refinishing the table

I've been wanting to refinish our table for a long time now
and I'm finally working on it.

It's been beat up over the years and recently received that long deep
gouge that is visible in the photo below.

It took 2 days to sand the top down and most of those 2 days I was
convinced that I was just going to paint the legs ... there was no way I wanted to
spend the time sanding or stripping them.   
Then that evil little voice in my head spoke up taunted me ... saying
 things like 'painting wood furniture is the easy way out' and crap like that!  
Can you believe it, annoying little jerk!

Of course I fell for it ... I'm an easy mark.   

I liked how clean the wood top turned out and I wanted the legs to match. 
I'm an idiot.
Look at all of those turns and crevices. 
I really am an idiot!

4 hours of scraping & wiping and the legs are only partially done ...
I have to run to get more stripper because I ran out.

I do this all the time... I convince myself that it won't be so bad
and that I will get it done quickly.


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