Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glistening Ceiling

 One thing that I will always remember
about my Nana's house when I was growing up was that she
had glittered ceilings ... and now my house has that too!

Taking photos of the glitter is fairly difficult ... you can kind
of make it out though, they are the little white dots.

There may be other brands that sell this type of effect, I 
don't know ... what I used was from Valspar.

It's a small bag of glitter that you mix into the
 paint just before you roll/brush and
once it's dry you have glistening fabulousness!

Our family room has a vaulted ceiling and it's quite a large dominant
feature so it's a great platform for this effect.  
The textured surface helps to show off the shimmer no matter where
you stand, and the light plays off it it so well due to the angle.

The best part is it's not like elementary school arts & crafts looking glitter effect,
it's more like that beautiful glistening that you see on really cold snow.  
Not overpowering ... complementary. 

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