Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flying meerkat, dancing baby scale & branch pendent

Yesterday my daughter had a tea party.
She doesn't like to say 'tea party' though because of the political connotation associated with that now ... so she called it a 'gathering of
girls who look pretty, drink flavors and eat tasties'.

We haven't had a party is such a long time, I was so excited to get to
set up for one again!

I lucked out and walked into Michaels shortly after they clearanced their fall
foliage fixings so I picked up some fake branches at 90% off and created
a branch pendent to hang.  

I had been collecting real branches for a while with the intention to do the same thing but I like how with the fake ones I didn't have to clean anything and how they bent to the shape that I wanted.

I plucked a few chinese lantern flowers off of it's bunch and attached them randomly ... I think after Thanksgiving I will take those off and put something wintery on the branches.

Sticking to her nature theme and not able to decorate without throwing in some whimsy ... I cut out and hung some flying animal silhouettes:

... put a hedgehog in a terrarium:

... and put some candy on a little odd scale thingy:

While I was out running around getting supplies for her party I came across this scale that I couldn't walk away from.  It was quite ugly to look at in it's dingy cheap brass coating but I knew that after a good coat of spray paint and some glaze it's uniqueness would stand out.

The party was a great success ... the girls ate scones and tarts on antique china from Bavaria & Poland that used to belong to my Nana; sat under 
flying meerkats, rhino's and chinese lantern flowers; and smiled at the little hedgehog, origami cranes & dancing-baby scale .... then they all went down in the basement and danced to German reggae music ... life is grand!

Oh, and they decided that they want to make this a 
monthly occurrence with a theme.   
For next month the theme is ugly christmas sweater of course!

I'm linking up to the following fun party:

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  1. I have the exact same scale. I found it an antique shop in New Orleans. Any idea who made it or how old it is?

  2. Sorry Gary, I have no idea who made it or how old it is ... I found the scale at a thrift shop. It's a fun scale though, isn't it?!