Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There is a difference ...

... between re-covering a piece of furniture and re-upholstering a piece.

To take a sofa for instance and strip off the old fabric, add new padding
and then cover with new fabric is considered re-covering.

Below is a shot of the tools that I used when stripping down
my current project:  scissors, staple lifter, side cutter, hammer, tack remover, nail set, stripping tool, bike glove and a cup of tea ; )

But to take that same sofa and strip the fabric, the padding & stuffing, the burlap, the springs and the webbing ... only then to move on to tightening or rebuilding the frame ... that is considered re-upholstering. 

Below is a photo showing the rust-dust that would bounce out of the nail holes as I worked my way around the frame removing hardware. 

This piece didn't have proper back or arm support, so I cut
and built the necessary frame pieces.

 I guess that's why I'm drawn to upholstery work ... not only
do I get to be a fabric hound but I also get to play with wood and tools.

This is what the work bench looks like when
re-upholstering is the name of the game (and this shot
was take after I already started to put tools away):

Drills, measuring tapes, glue, staple lifters, chisels, level, ripper,
saws, screws, clamps, hammers, jig saw,

compass, scissors, nail set, drill bits, safety glasses, & table saw 

I love my work!


  1. Hi Ruthie,

    I just saw the barrel-back French chairs you
    re-upholstered for Miss Mustard Seed. WOW...you did an AMAZING job! You are a VERY talented person and I am so glad that you love your work.
    It shows in all the final details (the double-pipping on the chairs mentioned above).
    Thank-you for sharing what you love on your blog. I appreciate it!

    P.S. Thank-you for the post above. I didn't realize that re-upholstering implies reconstructing the frame and tightening springs etc., if the piece of furniture needs it.

    Have a great day...and may many blessings come your way.....


  2. Thanks Sandra, I'm glad to help ; )