Wednesday, September 7, 2011

There she iiiis ....

Miss Amannequin.  
Ok, this mannequin may not be as pretty as a Miss America contestant but 
she's equally plastic ... I mean ... 
she's cheaper to maintain ... no umm ... 
she has just as much talent  ... this is getting hard ...
she can pose just as well as they can ... yeah, let's go with that.

I went to an auction on Monday and while I didn't win any furniture, I did win this lovely manny for $5.

I lucked out, there were 3 posers there ... along with the mannequins ... two males and one female.  The bidding was for choice so I went as far as $10 on the first and second bid but lost both times, luckily the two males were selected first.  She was left last most likely because she was broken, so I got her for $5 ... I think a pretty good deal.

Her zipper was missing:

and she was broken in half at the waist:

Wait ... is that?

could it be?



So I took her cover off and put it in the washer while I applied construction adhesive caulk to keep her together.

Here she is showing off her selection for the bathing suit contest: 

Once she was patched up we dressed her properly and she now hangs out in my daughter's room to help with fashion choices.

If she's a good little poser then some day I will give her some legs ... until then a stool will have to do.

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