Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meet Rich, Irene & May

I went to the local thrift shop again this weekend and came back with a couple of big surprises.   This thrift shop is an old run down garage/barn that is being used to sell thrift items for the local church. It's dark inside, the floors are all uneven and there is no ceiling, just rafters covered over with plastic but I love it!
Both paintings were stored upstairs in a loft area and visible only through a tear in the plastic 'ceiling'.  
Once the caretaker and I finally cleared the boxes and stuff out of the way of the stairs I got to go up and get a better look.  The canvas for the dogs had been ripped in a few places & the frame was in pieces, and while I wasn't a huge fan of the horse canvas I know from past experience to not trust the poor lighting inside and just go with my gut ... so I grabbed them both. 
I figured that if nothing else I could try to salvage the frame.  

The caretaker had told me that the paintings had been there for a very long time but that no one would take them because they were either too big to fit into their vehicles or their homes.  So he told me that as long as I can get them home I could take them for free ... !
The horse canvas is 6ft x 4ft and the dog canvas is 5ft x 3.5ft.

I went back inside and looked around a little more and found a nicely framed print of Monet's Child In A Garden.
I'm not a big fan of prints but I like the detail on the frame and I could see that it had been professionally framed so I grabbed that as well ... I'll just take out the print, paint the fabulous frame and reuse it on something else.  
I ended up paying $3 for the Monet print and gave $2 for both canvas'.

The day that I brought these home Hurricane Irene was making it's way up the eastern coastline.
Jeremy was supposed to leave to go down to Richmond to swear in to the Coast Guard and then head to Cape May NJ for bootcamp-bootcamp.
Because of the hurricane though, his departure date has been delayed a couple of weeks.
Jeremy isn't too happy about the delay, but we are loving the extra time that we are getting with him.  
Because of that, the dogs in the painting are named (from left to right) Rich, Irene & May.

I took my friend Jeanette's suggestion and added a little comic relief to help lessen LittleMan's disappointment, and then hung this in the stairwell ... he chuckled: