Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog bed

I had this 8ft long kitchen cabinet spacer that I had purchased from ReStore but it didn't work out for the project that I had in mind... so I had this big spacer sitting around in my basement taking up ... space.
So I took it apart and decided to build a dog bed out of it.  I had told Reach Out Rescue that I would build and donate a bed for their fundraiser to help with some of the vet bills.... so this bed is being donated to them.

Hopefully it will sell well and raise some good money ; )

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Built-in Bookcases part 4 ... new desk top & needed input

Who's a pretty little desk top ... who ... who's a pretty desk top?  

You're a pretty little desk top, yes you are, yes you are!!!!

I luurve the way this turned out.  My daughter isn't as taken with it as I am, but sometimes you just have to let the creative side flow.  Granted, staining a desktop can't be labeled as 'creative' but all this time I've been trying to follow her wishes and keep everything painted white ... I'm glad I followed my instincts on this one. 
First I used Minwax Pastels wood stain Winter White, I bought it about 3 years ago from ReStore for $1.  I have used it a few times on other projects but the result didn't fit the projects, this time it finally fit and it looks great.

I put 3 coats of the Minwax on, trying to get a more rich color ... and it did 'darken' a little more each time but then I ran out of the stain.  I looked around online and found out that Minwax doesn't make the Pastels anymore.  I switched to the Sherwin Williams Pickled White and added one coat of that on top.  
I can't tell if the last coat darkened the wood or not and I'm not sure if that is due to the fact that I went from using water based stain then put a coat of oil stain on top ... maybe the 2 can't be mixed on the same project ... ?
Even if the oil stain didn't penetrate much, I'm still glad that I used it ... the desktop is right in front of the window where the sun will be shining down on it ... so I'm hoping that the oil will help protect the color a little bit more than just the plain water base.
Next step is the poly on top and while that dries I will be working on two sets of drawers to finish off the project.
Hmmm ... I just realized... I wonder if I should be looking to topcoat it with a product that also fights UVs ... darn it, I probably should have used an exterior stain.    Why do I always think of these things AFTER I work on a project?!
Oh well ... what's the sun going to do ... bleach it?  
Maybe I should wait a day or two to put the poly on, to think this through and see if there is a better protector out there ... or even maybe if I should throw some exterior stain on top of this, to help protect it (I wonder if SW makes the Pickled White in exterior.)
See, this is why I blog and need help ... my little brain goes in too many directions and I just don't have enough experience ... anyone have any input?
Haha... I started this post out with 'WooHoo what a pretty desk top!' and now I'm finishing it with 'Wait, what?'