Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Table Saw roller stand replacement

Yesterday I cut the piece of wood that I will be using as the desktop for the built-in Bookcases and set up a knock off roller stand to help me out.
This idea came to me out of necessity one day when I was trying to trim down a pair of french doors that I got an AMAZING deal on from the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  The doors were raw and still needed to be trimmed down to size so I got the scarey circular saw out and started to go to work ... but the saw was not powerful enough to cut through 2" thick hardwood.  I've never experienced that before (I wonder if they make a pill for that, hehehehe!) I got about 4 inches in and the saw would mire down. 
My only choice then was to put the door through the table saw.  The size of the door made it necessary to have someone help me and support the other end but it's almost impossible to have two people push a large piece of wood through a table saw in unison without kinking the cut.  So I grabbed a plant platform with casters that was sitting close by and put it under the door, and the platform worked like a charm. 

I used that same set-up yesterday and it workout out great again ... you can even see the french doors leaning up against the wall in the background of the picture (poor lonely doors, waiting so patiently for me to get back to working on them.)

 yeahhhh... I had the platform sitting outside all summer and I didn't bother to wipe it down before using it or taking the picture ... just pretend it's all clean.

Maybe some day I will purchase a table saw roller stand ... for the convenience ... but at the moment, I'm happy with this substitute ;)


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