Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cinderelly's Ride ... Past Halloween creation

I've been spending quite a bit of time working on the built-in bookcases for my daughter's room which in turn hasn't given me much time to be working on any Halloween projects for this year ... so I'm going to show a project that I've done in the past.

This inspiration for this was the cover of the now defunct Hallmark magazine ... they used real pumpkins but I didn't want to see my work rot away so quickly, so I made the Cinderelly carriage out of the foam pumpkins:

4 mini pumpkins were painted up in a contrasting color so that they would show up well.  They are attached to the big pumpkin by using a bamboo shishkabob stick and hot glue:

To keep the wheels from sticking out too far, I traced around them and created a wheel-well. Once I carved into the pumpkin I realized that I needed to also paint the big pumpkin because any carving resulted in the white foam showing:

I ended up taking 2 old drawer pulls and used a hack saw to cut the pull off of the handle base.  I then put the two pulls sideways to frame in the doorway:

Sculpey clay was used to make the frames for the windows... I used an old necklace to make indents into the frames to give them some pizazz, I baked and painted them with antique bronze (Plaid paints):

I used the decorative part of the handle bases and put them back to back and coiled some wire for tendrils to finish off the stem:

 The inside of the pumpkin is painted a cream color and has some sparkles to help brighten up the inside.  A small hole was cut on the bottom of the pumpkin to put a string of lights inside.  I usually put the pumpkin up high to where you can't look right inside the carriage and see the lights... instead you only see the fun warm glow when it's lit up!

It's one of my favorite Halloween projects and can even be kept out through Thanksgiving!

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