Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween book-purse

So I've seen book-purses all over lately and I couldn't wait to make one.
The very first time I saw this project was on Annie Shao's blog:  but I've also seen it here on Cassity's blog:
I did change it up a little bit to get it to fit my style and functionality ... which is, when it comes to purses, something that will keep my junk from slipping out easily... so I took the book purse idea and just flipped it upside down so that it had a more secure cover.

Because it's coming up to Halloween, I wanted to combine the project with the season so I picked out Bram Stoker's Dracula.
I used red velvet for the lining, a roll of cording for the strap, black lace, red velveteen ribbon and magnetic snaps ... and used the Headliner spray glue, a glue gun and some heavy duty cardboard.

I bent the cardboard to make the shape/frame:

I attached the ribbon and the lace with the spray glue:

I wanted to be able to hide the strap if I don't want to use it, so I glued it and sewed it to the material that will cover the area of the upper back inside:

Figuring it all out ahead of time was what took the longest ... I had to go through each step in my head to figure out what had to be attached first before the lining was put in ... that meant figuring where the strap  and the snaps should go.

Here it is finished with the strap out for a shoulder 'bag':

And with the strap hidden inside, making it a clutch:

I love the look and feel of the velvet, but after working with it I wouldn't recommend using it.  It's too bulky and you can't iron it to get the crisp lines and creases.  If I do another one ... and I'm thinking I will ... I will use lighter/thinner fabric for the lining.


  1. Oh yours is very cute and clever I love that the book is the "lid" I can't think of the proper term. I would love to feature this on my craft blog sometime if you are ever interested. let me know!


  2. Wow Cassity, thank you so much ... I would be honored if you featured this ... I emailed you ;)