Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A couple more past creations

I will be working on the bookcases today but want to post up a few more of my past Halloween creations before I get to work:

I ended up giving away most of the wine glasses that I've done, but here are a couple that I've kept:  (the RIP has a spot where I forgot to fill in the second hand, but I've just never gotten around to fixing it and I kind of like keeping it 'original')

The spine candle holder was done as a quick Halloween party decoration but I like the idea so I haven't taken it apart.  I should do a new base for it, but there are soooo many other projects to work on:

And then last year I started a haunted birdhouse village, it's a small village considering that there are only 3 houses.   I WILL finish the third house and complete a new one this year... I can't let this idea fade away, I like how the houses look bunched together:

I'm editing this to add in my witch painting.  I had seen this picture in a catalog and the painting was $300 ... I didn't want to pay that and I was in my rock collecting phase, so I took a flat rock from the lake and painted the same scene on the rock.  It's pretty large ... I would say around 20" tall and 18" wide.  I like that it's a natural medium and love that I can be fairly certain that no other human hands have ever touched that rock before I dug it out of the side of the lake.

Well no I didn't make him, he is just one of my favorite decorations and I just love how he fits perfectly up on top of the shelf and looks down at us so I took a pic of him.  I've played with the idea of trying to make one some time .. and I think I might ... he's basically just made out of styrofoam pieces and then painted and has feathers put on him... that's do-able right?


  1. I love the spooky birdhouses - very cool!

  2. Wow, you are talented. I love those wine glasses. I've been wanting to paint some Halloween glasses for about 3 years but keep avoiding it. {I'm not really an artist but I think I can handle some simple design, noting elaborate like yours.} But, I'm not sure what to use. I don't want to have to bake the glasses to set the paint. What did you use?

  3. Thanks Sandra!
    I use Plaid's Folk Art Enamel paints. The label says that you can let a project air dry for 21 days or bake it. I'm too impatient to wait the full 21 days so I just bake in the oven.

  4. BTW... The RIP wine glass is actually correct in person... I had taken that picture with a computer camera and the puter reverses the image.