Sunday, October 31, 2010

Built-In Bookcases pt. 3 ... Oh, what to do?

For a couple of days I found myself struggling with deciding on a work-around for the desk and it pretty much had me stopped in my tracks.
My original plan for the desk ( Dry fitted bookcases and desk ) just wasn't going to fly.  It wasn't deep enough and I didn't like that the center needed to be supported by brackets ... no matter how much I pretty up the brackets they still look like brackets.

I ran to ReStore and purchased this 1.5" thick solid wooden door:

 The door is dingy, but nothing that a little sanding wouldn't fix
But if I decided to use the door for the desk I had to figure out 2 problems:
#1) It's 4" too short.  I knew that when I purchased it ... but I knew that I would come up with a work-around.

#2) 6 routed panel/recesses in the door ... how do I work around that so it has a smooth top for writing?  Do I cover the door with a thin piece of plywood?  Do I buy some bar-top epoxy and fill in the routed panel recesses?  Since I was planning on painting it anyway, doo I do as Dad suggested and go with Bondo or wood filler?

I got caught up with the price of the door and really wanted to make it work.  The original piece of wood that I was going to use for the desk was only 16" deep, 3/4" thick and cost $17... the door is 24" deep, 1.5" thick, didn't need center support and was cheaper. 

The thing is though, if I did decide to use the door and cover it with a thin sheet of plywood, or fill in the recesses with Bondo, woodfiller or even the bar top epoxy... I'm still looking at spending at least $10 more, possibly up to $40 more for the epoxy.

So why put in the extra work with trying to figure out a work around when for the same price, I could just go and pick up a decent sheet of plywood... rip it in half, glue it & screw it and I get the nice thick single piece of desk top that I was looking for?

Sheesh, sometimes I just make things way more complicated than they need to be!

I did get the plywood ... it's ripped, glued, screwed, stained and in the process of drying.  I'll post a picture of it soon ... I'm pretty stoked about how nicely it turned out.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through the Mom-Cave thing but had to start following it because I too love my power tools :) And went through this same exact question in my workroom. I have a door I wanted to use, bought at salvage, etc. I ended up using it but ONLY because my printer and laptop each fit almost perfectly into each of the recessed panels so they don't sit lopsided or unevenly (otherwise I'd have gone the plywood route too.)

    Looking forward to seeing how your bookcases turn out!

  2. Hi Stacie, welcome to my blog and thanks for following. I like hearing back from other DIYers so anytime you want to comment or give me some advice then please do so ... many times I can't see the forest for the trees ;)